Business consulting

Company specializes in business consulting, focusing on financial, investment, tax and legal aspects.

Accounting services

Company provides accounting services in accordance with accounting standards, including permanent preliminary tax evaluation of business events.

Tax consulting

Tax consulting is provided as an integral part of accounting services or as a separate service for an individual business event.

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Guarantee of quality

The highest standard of quality of services is maintained through employment of top-level employees with proven expertise in the areas of finance and accounting and through close cooperation with prominent law firms.


One of the highest priorities of the company is permanent education of employees in the area of tax and accounting legislation and the latest theoretical findings in the area of financial and business risk management.

Professional ethics

We are guided by the following principles of professional ethics:
- expertise and responsibility
- confidentiallity
- honesty
- truthfullness
- ambitiousness

Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

Where to find us

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